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The emotions, and the reviews...of the customers are very important to each of the staff at Unik Nails 2. Let's see whether they like or dislike our nail services | Nail salon 79928

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"  I went in for a pedicure with my mom and we had excellent service! Our pedicures were quick (in a good way) and not rushed at all. The people who did them were so nice and did such a great job. We felt very comfortable in the salon so we will definitely be coming back. "

(5/5 stars - Brianna Correa)

'" Went on Wednesday, cane from neighboring Salon, which strangely enough seemed unwelcoming and only had 2 people on Wed. This place was super busy but they had at least a dozen people working, I was greeted kindly and the atmosphere, although busy was great. Jasmin did my nails and I loved them, she and other Tech next to her where patient and helpful in giving me a selection since I was their for fill on nails not done by Unik 2. I got a flower on one of each finger on each hand, which was $15! (I think it was bit pricey and honestly it didn't seem like Jasmin could do it) BUT! she tried and she did her best, I am thankful! I will definitely go back her to try the pedicures and maybe some waking and get nails done here again. "

(5/5 stars -  DannyAmy Deese )

nail salon 79928

" It was really good service! The people are nice. I highly recommend coming here they make sure your nails are PERFECT 😍 …. "

(5/5 stars -  Grey _edgey_artist )

" The ladies here are awesome! Bad thing is 2 customers started to be rude to the pedicure lady for no reason!! Said the pedicure lady should watch her tone when I did not hear nothing bad from the pedicure lady at all and she gave me the same great service. One lady told her she would tell the owner about her attitude. I just want to say please don’t reprimand the pedicure lady bc of these rude customers please. This happened 3/18/23 at 10:30am. I’ve been a loyal customer for years this is the first time grown woman are treating these great employees so bad. "

(5/5 stars -  Grace Ogaz)

" My nails and feet were really bad since I hadn't had a mani or pedi since January 2020! They took their time, didn't hurt me, and worked on the calluses gently but removed them. I loved the experience and will be back. My only criticism is that they don't take appointments right now and the wait can be long depending on when you go. "

(5/5 stars -  Dee Fernandez )

" Awesome experience so soothing the employees were so gentle on my feet and the owner Linda was so nice 10/10 recommend "

(5/5 stars - Angelina Alvarez)

nail salon 79928

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